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Special Portrait Acting

In order to create more intense portrait images, I use the self developed method called Special Portrait Acting (SPA): A combination of interview, role-play and using physical presence to create special moments. The ability to sense the best situation for a picture combined with the empathy to understand the person's self-image makes a tiny moment to something unique. Giving this moment the perfect stage is the art of portrait photography.

I recently specialized in photographing artists, because I have always been interested in working with creative people and I have also experienced shootings from the other side of the camera. During my time in front of the camera, I could learn about  various points of view, e.g. of casters, agencies or film directors. Today this gives me the possibility to consider various requests or special demands and include them in my work just as it is required to promote "my" artist as effectively as possible. Thus I place a strong focus on effective photos of actors, press images, PR-photos, cover photos for a new album and portraits of headliners.