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Stephan Gabriel

Stephan Gabriel worked as a filmmaker for golf, soccer and Formula 1. What he has translated into moving images in the past, he now translates into his photographic work. The basis of his work is a pronounced interest in people and their history, paired with a fine sense of image composition and aesthetics. He portrays renowned German-speaking and international artists. For a long-term photo series he travels with successful young racing drivers to their international races. Always close at hand to capture the way to Formula 1 with expressive, personal and intimate photographs.


The aim of Stephan Gabriel's work as a photo artist is to create the perfect arrangement of scenery and moment in order to visualize facets of a person that reveal the extraordinary. He attaches particular importance to the intensive connection to the person in front of the camera. This creates moments that cannot be repeated. The eyes tell the story. A good photo is subject to rules that he tries to break again and again in order to reach the next level. With this in mind, he goes into every shooting in order to always have the opportunity to find new ways with his tools to paint expressively with light.